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15 Steps to Minimize Travel Risks When in Krabi

15 Ways to Reduce Travelling Risks


1. Don’t Carry all your Cards

In case you don’t want to risk losing your cards, or get them stolen, leave some of your debit and credit cards back at home or in the hotel room. If you have someone else in the party, let them hold some of the cards.


2. Use a Neck Pouch

This bag can be used to hold valuables and essential documents. Not only are they secure but also comfortable and convenient.


3. Spread Clothes across Bags

One of the things that can happen while traveling is that bags can get lost. By spreading clothes in different luggage, you minimize the risk of not having any clothes or toiletries to use if an event happens.


4. Look Back Before You Leave

After a visit to the restaurant, leaving a taxi, or exiting the bus, always look back. Make sure you have not left anything on the seats or anywhere else. Also, keep necessities with you in your bags such as a jacket if the place is cold.


5. Perform a Thorough Search

Before leaving your hotel room, look around. Check under the bed, in the shower room, and don’t forget the safe. Use your hands and feel about as well, as you can easily miss objects if you look for them.


6. Note Down License Plates

If you’ve taken a ride in a taxi, write down the license plate. Just in case you may have lost something, you know which taxi you’ve been on and check.


7. Have an Emergency Plan

Try not to do things last-minute. Set meeting points and share phone numbers of party members just in case someone gets lost.


8. Make use of Tags for your Children

Tag bags, jackets, and other items your child will carry and tell them that it is there. If possible, let them memorize your phone number and any other relevant locations like a hotel.


9. Identify Local Police

Make sure you and your kids know how to contact local police and emergency hotlines if needed.


10. Store Your Valuables

If you have any expensive items with you, store it in the hotel safe or at the front desk. If none of the options are available, place the items in the biggest suitcase you have and have it locked. A thief will have a hard time carrying big items than to walk out with some cash in hand.


11. Separate Your Cash

Place cash in different spots, whether it be various pockets or socks. Just in case you get mugged, you won’t lose as much.


12. Keep Hard and Soft Copies of Documents

If whenever you need to produce a document, make sure you can access your hard copies. Soft copies are also vital just in case you cannot find your hard copies. Take a picture of your passport with a phone.


13. Count Your Items

If you’ve brought along many suitcases and bags, make sure to count them. It would be easier for you to identify if you’re missing anything. Do your best to limit any loose items like phones and jackets while you’re moving around.


14. Check Country Conditions

You and your party need to know a country’s political and safety conditions. This is to make sure you don’t get into any avoidable trouble during the visit.


15. Contact Your Country’s Embassy

If in any event, you lose your essential travel documents such as your passport or if a crisis occurs, head straight for your country’s embassy. If needed, head for the local police right after.


Take the necessary measures. These precautions may be a hassle to follow but will save you tears, headaches, and your valuables. Enjoy your next trip!


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