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3 Benefits of Visiting the Beach in Krabi for Your Body

There’s nothing more relaxing than lounging by the beach. The term is practically synonymous with summer and can instantly brighten up your mood by helping you dream of a tropical vacation. Just the thought of the way the sun warms the body and the salty, ocean breeze makes for an excellent pick-me-up.

The appeal of the beach is why people who are tired of the constant whir and glitz of the city head to the shore for a tropical escape. Neuroscientists also highlight the health benefits of visiting the beach. Aside from aesthetic beauty, they’ve found that it brings a plethora of benefits ranging from soothing sore muscles to comforting anxiety-ridden thoughts.

It doesn’t matter which paradise you choose to visit—so long as you surround yourself with crystal, clear waters, and a long stretch of soft sand, you can expect to rejuvenate your mind, body, and inner being. That said, Krabi is a particularly good choice, with balmy weather and cooling water all year round.

Here are three notable physical benefits that visiting the beach in Krabi will offer to you:

Benefit #1: It Restores Your Energy

For the better part of human history, people have always been close to nature and are naturally grounded. However, a modern lifestyle prevents most individuals from connecting with Mother Earth, which also reduces your chances of reaping its life-giving benefits.

For one, nature itself has healing properties that can ease chronic pain, soothe fatigue, and treat other ailments that plague people today. That’s why doctors suggest busy-goers to take a break and restore their energy by relishing the great outdoors—be it a quick, quiet moment at the park, or a dedicated getaway trip to the beach for the weekend.

The beach is particularly healthy due to its sands, which stimulate the natural nerve-endings of the feet and strengthen the muscles for an energy boost.

Benefit #2: It Provides a Dose of Vitamin D

There are various ways you can take in some vitamin D, but according to Harvard Medical School, the most effective way to soak it in is through the sun’s UVB in its golden hours. Proper exposure to the sun’s gentle rays leads to an increase in endorphins, which also results in reducing your risk of osteoporosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and asthma.

Benefit #3: It Revitalizes Your Skin

Whether you’re surfing on high waves or dipping into calm oceans, a swim in the sea is highly beneficial for your body as the water’s natural minerals help your skin detoxify. Beyond revitalizing the skin and giving you a sun-kissed, youthful glow, seawater can also help fight off infections from the body.

Meanwhile, the salty air doesn’t just refresh your soul, but the negatively charged ions in the breeze attach itself to your lung tissues. Conversely, it enhances your immune system and rids any toxins from head-to-toe.

The Bottom Line: Going to the Beach is Healthy for Your Mind, Body, and Soul

Nature will always play a significant role in your health. Visiting the beach, in particular, offers multiple benefits as it brings peace to your soul and enhances your wellbeing. If you’re looking for a tropical oasis for your weekend escape, the palm-infringed, pristine beaches at Krabi, Thailand are sure to refresh your system.

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