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3 Must-Do Activities During Krabi ‘s Rainy Season

Among all the assorted reasons as to why people opt to travel to Thailand every year, one of the most prominent is the desire to experience the trademark Thai sunshine and sunset caused by the tropical nature of the country. If you aren’t from anywhere else in Asia, chances are that you dream of taking a trip halfway around the world just to experience the pinnacle of sunlight sightseeing in Thailand. However, there is always a chance that you will come in at a bad time and miss out on the sunshine, being greeted with rain instead of those glorious rays of light that you’ve been looking forward to seeing for the past few months leading up to your trip.


Why rain in Krabi doesn’t mean the end of your vacation

While all hope might seem lost because of the unexpected turn of weather-related events, it definitely doesn’t mean that you wasted your money, nor should it the end of the road for your trip. On the contrary, there are actually many other life-changing ways that you can enjoy the rain in Thailand. If Krabi is your one true main destination, then you’re in luck! The rain, aside from being a symbol of good fortune, opens up a variety of activities that you can enjoy during your stay on the island. While it might seem like you’re the only one who’s experiencing misfortune in Thailand, previous visitors and regulars who first came to Krabi in hopes of sunshine and yellow hues actually look forward to experiencing the rain as well because of the activities that they can enjoy.


When dealing with the rain in Krabi, you could opt to do one of two things: set your grievances aside and see the positives that come with the rain by doing and enjoying the activities that you can do, or you could just wait for your departure date in your room as you watch the expenses and opportunities go by at your own risk. Not to sound too pushy, but going with the former is definitely the right choice — especially since Krabi is absolutely gorgeous with a touch of rain!


The activities that should be on your to-do list

Curious as to what you can do to beat the blues brought about by the rain in Krabi? Here are a few must-experience activities enjoyed by tourists and locals alike that you can try even when you’ve encountered Thailand’s monsoon season:


1. Enjoy and relax with a trademark Thai Massage
While this might seem like the most obvious option on this list, there’s nothing like experiencing the soothing movements and treatments of expert Thai masseuses to the sound of the pouring rain. Having your body, mind, and soul undergo some much-needed R&R is definitely a wonderful way to relax on your Thai vacation. Your experience can be further enhanced by the countless Thai Massage experts in Krabi. Krabi locals and tourists alike find pleasure in getting a trademark massage treatment with the sound of the pouring rain outside, saying that “it’s a priceless experience that is unlike any other relaxation treatment.”


2. Go hiking!

Although going hiking in the pouring rain sounds like an option that only die-hard trekkers would enjoy, the truth is that a challenging climb up to the top of Krabi’s renowned Tiger Temple in the pouring rain is definitely an experience to remember and one that will compensate for the absence of the sun. Usually considered as a nightmare to go through on a hot day, the hiking route to the Tiger Temple is best matched with the gentle rush of raindrops and the calming sounds of water droplets hitting the floor. This will create an immensely-relaxing experience that you’ll never forget! After a challenging hike up 1,237 steps, you’ll be greeting with a sight to behold: a bold top-view of Krabi’s sweeping vistas and awe-inspiring mountain tops and views.


3. Enjoy the hot springs

Regarded as one of the most amazing must-visit relaxation spots in the world, the Krabi hot springs are the perfect setting for tourists and locals to enjoy the sights and sounds of the bountiful Thai jungle while unwinding in the near-perfect 35 degree pools. You can spend hour upon hour in the Krabi hot springs by just looking at all the sights and sounds with tuning into your other senses without ever wanting to leave due. The best part about this place is that it is less than 40 minutes away from the city center, making it much easier to reach without being stuck for hours on a van.

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