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Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach
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4 Activities to Do in Krabi Town

If you’re looking for the ultimate travel destination, Krabi offers you that experience. With over 200 beautiful coastlines, pristine beaches, and stunning views, there is no shortage of activities that you will thoroughly enjoy.

Located next to the Andaman Sea, many places are worthy of diving, snorkeling, and even boat trips. Enjoy the wonders of the sea and the life within. Krabi Town offers all types of things, from textiles to antiques. With several shops dotting the place, there will be many things you would want to buy to keep as a souvenir.


What to Do in Krabi Town


1 – Shopping For Fabrics

If you’re a shopaholic and love beautiful dresses and outfits, then you’re in luck. If you’ve ever seen Phuket’s and Krabi’s fabrics, you’ll know that Krabi’s clothes are more earthy and natural. Its components are taken from natural sources, such as mangroves.

The process of making these fabrics utilizes copper blocks to apply patterns through melting wax on the piece of cloth. Hand-crafted and beautiful, these fabrics are a must-have for any avid shopper. Also, it makes sense that Krabi produces gorgeous materials, as Thailand is one of the world’s leaders in manufacturing textiles and clothing.


2 – Visiting Tiger Cave Temple

Krabi Town is also known for its temples, notably the Tiger Cave Temple. Located three kilometers away from Krabi Town, this temple can be reached using a Tuk-Tuk or mini-bus. It is considered to be one of Thailand’s natural wonders and is one of the most sacred sites to Buddhists. This is the place to go if you’re looking for a spiritual experience while surrounded by beautiful nature.

Even if you’re not religiously inclined, the site is still worth the visit. The temple itself is a cave that contains icons, relics, and the famous footprint of Buddha. To reach this beautiful place, however, requires you to be fit.

The 1,237-step climb is tough, not to add that the Thai weather can be unforgivable at times. When you finally reach the top, however, you will be rewarded with a spectacular view. At the top, you will see different islands, limestone cliffs, rainforests, the Andaman Sea, and Buddha’s footprint.


3 – Accommodation Hunting

Krabi has all sorts of accommodation. If you’re looking for a place surrounded by the beach and forests, look for Tubkaak Krabi. This boutique received the 2012 Travelers’ Choice award and is a place that offers a place of perfect relaxation. Its designs are not of any ancient architecture but feature modern rooms and suites!


4 – Enjoy Beauty Treatments

Krabi is the perfect place for your spa treatment because of its hot, tropical climate. Most spas are designed to look like traditional Thai wooden pavilions and are located in aromatic gardens. Enjoy massages, wraps, facials, body scrubs, and many more treatments. If you’re lucky, they might offer herbal steam and even a Jacuzzi facility!


Krabi Town has much to offer for you, and this list merely scratches the surface. Plan your next holiday destination to Krabi and experience what it has to offer!


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