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4 Activities to Enjoy When Exploring the Wonders of Krabi

Krabi is a province located in the southern part of Thailand that boasts beautiful sceneries and sandy, white beaches. While attractions are quite far from each other due to the large and wide area of the province, they always present various majestic views, mouthwatering cuisines, and unlimited recreational projects.

Each destination in Krabi allows for different fun activities to be enthusiastic about despite the fairly-long travel times between them. With the seemingly endless options of enjoyment, however, most tourists wouldn’t have time or budget to do them all.

For that reason, we’ve listed four of the must-try activities to add in your Krabi itinerary:


1. Snorkeling

Krabi is known for its vast seas that swarm with marine life. This majestic location gives you an opportunity to explore the wonders and the beauty of the ocean. When deciding on what to do for your visit to this place, be sure to add snorkeling on your bucket list!


2. Island-hopping

Naturally, Krabi is home to many wonderful beaches that are open to tourists. The pristine sights and the cold ocean breeze are definitely there for you to experience. Take trips to the province’s famous islands, such as Phi Phi, Ko Phai, and Phileh. Go for a swim, dive deep, or sink your feet into the fine sand or just relax by the shore. After all, it’s always a good idea to just relax so that you can make the most out of your tour.


3. Kayaking

Ban Bor Thor, which is a small and simple coastal village in the northern part of Krabi, is a popular destination in the province. The town is proud of its complex rivers and limestone caves, perfect for kayaking since most caves are only accessible this way.

Kayaking at Ban Bor Thor is an experience that you wouldn’t want to miss as you will not only marvel at the glorious karsts and serene caves, but you’ll also learn a bit about the history of the paintings in their chamber walls and the amazing geology of the village.


4. Rock climbing

If you’re itching for that adrenaline rush and the adventurer within you wants to be let out, rock climbing will surely satisfy your craving for an exhilarating quest! Krabi is teeming with various rock formations, and many professional instructors offer rock climbing classes for your enjoyment. Sign up for a session and explore new heights, and you’ll also be able to get a view of Krabi’s breathtaking sights from a more comprehensive perspective.


Get a well-deserved rest at a hotel

You might think that staying in doesn’t sound exciting at all, especially on tour. However, a day that is packed with different activities will exhaust you and your body’s endurance will be put to the test. Take some time to relax and recharge from a day’s worth of wandering. Enjoy the amenities and the services of the hotel or inn you’re staying in to get that well-deserved rejuvenation. You’ll need all the energy you can get for the following day’s adventures!



Nature has blessed Krabi with majestic and resplendent ambiance and sceneries. Engaging in fun activities at this destination will surely push your body to your limits and give you a wonderful time.

If you’re planning to visit Krabi and want a relaxing and cozy place to stay, then Bluesotel Krabi is your best pick! Get in touch with us today, and we’ll help find the perfect room for you.