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4 Places to Spend a Night Out in Krabi – Our Guide

Krabi is a fantastic place to soak in the sun and enjoy the sea. After spending all day relaxing at the golden beach, you may want to keep the vacation vibe going by spending a night out with your friends.


Many bars offer a vast variety of cocktails, craft beers, and even fancy wine selections. Whether you want to have a peaceful, relaxing night or a wild party, Krabi will have you spoiled for choice! Don’t know where to go tonight? Well, you’re in luck. Here are four of the best bars in Krabi that are worth a visit:


Arty Momma Rasta Bar


If you are looking for something other than the typical night out, visit Arty Momma Rasta bar for a night. This is not a place to go wild and dance on top of the table. Rather, it is incredible for those who want to relax and unwind.


The music and the breeze will take your mind off the stress of your daily life. You will get to enjoy your drinks as you are graced with live music centered around guitars and ukuleles. At Arty’s, the customers will be sitting on the cushions on the floor. If you are new to drinking, don’t worry. The bar staffs are always happy to walk you through the menu. You will not be left in confusion.


Chu-a-pa Studio


Love beer? If so, you’ll have the time of your life at Chu-a-pa Studio. Although the bar is on the small side, their range of beers will not disappoint. Whether you want to try something domestic or something imported, Chu-a-pa Studio has got you covered.


Throughout the night, you will get the opportunity to learn about craft beers and taste various brands that you have never heard of before. If you have questions, don’t be shy. Any staff member at the bar will be more than happy to answer it. They are all knowledgable about beer and might even tell you some fun facts that you never knew. Chu-a-pa Studio is decorated in vintage and rustic style. It’s the type of bar that everyone loves!


Factory Beer Garden


When you travel abroad, the places that are packed with locals are the ones that you should go to. In Krabi, Factory Beer Garden is one of the spots that locals hit every night. This place is not like your typical nightclub. It is a large place with rustic factory-themed decorations.


No matter how crowded the place is, you will not feel suffocated as it is an open-air bar. With live music on the stage, you will get lost in time. Not only do they offer alcoholic drinks, but they also have a variety of Thai food on the menu. It is a great bar and restaurant for people of all ages.


Hobby Hops


If you are looking for something that is a mix of Thai and Western vibes, Hobby Hops is the place for you. Their decoration provides the London vibe with a tiny feel of Krabi. They equip the bar with soft sofas and let you relax in a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. If you happen to visit Krabi during high season, make sure you pay this place a visit. They’ll open the roof-top bar for everyone to dance the night away!


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