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4 Reasons Why You Should Be Gifting Experiences Over Materials

Whatever season or occasion it may be, giving gifts has been a part of everyone’s traditions. It tells the person that received the gift of how special he or she is to another individual.

While giving gifts, such as clothes, toys, and so on, are great ideas, the trends are changing. Now, people tend to gift experiences instead. Gifts such as tickets and gift cards allow the receiver to enjoy the present in the form of experience! For example, one might receive a concert ticket to his or her favorite band, or a gift card to a luxury restaurant.

Are you wondering why you should opt for this over the traditional material gifting? Here are four reasons:


1.It Creates Unforgettable Memories

Whether the gift brings the recipient on a vacation or a visit to an amusement park, the real gift comes from the beautiful memories forged from the occasion. When the day comes to an end, and you head back home, the memories will last forever, unlike toys and other items that may be left forgotten after a while. Remember, wonderful memories are priceless.


2.There Are Less Physical Things to Keep

We know the pain of receiving so many gifts, the home gets cluttered, not to mention that you might lose it, lost somewhere in the house. While it is great to give physical items to someone still, gifting an experience is much more appropriate (sometimes even more appreciated).

Think of it like this. Rather than buying tons of stuff during the vacation, buy a few instead. Let the majority of what you carry home be pictures, videos, and memories of your vacation. That way, you have less stuff to store but more memories to relish.


3.You Enjoy One Another’s Company

One of the best reasons you should be gifting experience is the time you can spend with the special person. Especially if the recipient is your significant other, going out together to have a beautiful day will not only be an excellent gift to him or her but to you as well.

Gifting a vacation means that you and your partner can enjoy a myriad of activities together, laughing and smiling. Going to the amusement together can also create unforgettable memories, most of which would probably be you or your partner screaming during a rollercoaster ride.


4.It Builds up Excitement

Some say the best part of a gift is the excitement that builds up to that moment. Imagine telling someone that you will take him or her out to a luxurious restaurant or a trip to the beach on her birthday. That person will be excited from the day she or he hears the news until the day has finally come.

You can easily do this by booking tickets to a specific activity a few days before a special day, such as Christmas Eve or a birthday. That way, not only will they be excited to receive the ticket, but they will look forward to spending it finally.

In conclusion, rather than gifting someone something material, gift an experience. That way, not only will he or she create priceless, unforgettable memories, but that the person won’t have to bother storing stuff at home either. You’ll also build a stronger connection with the person, especially if the gift is spent together!

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