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Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach
Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Krabi As Your Next Travel Destination

Krabi was once an underdog, with Phuket as the more famous island in Thailand. But over the years, Krabi has gained popularity with more people choosing this island as their number one holiday destination over the other famous islands in the country.

Krabi is located in the southern part of Thailand and is less crowded and deniably more relaxing than Phuket or Pattaya. Because of its natural beauty, Krabi has slowly become Thailand’s go-to travel province and an all-time favorite holiday destination for foreigners and locals alike. Krabi is the ultimate leisure island, featuring waterfalls, exotic animals, a jungle-covered interior with caves, miles of pristine, crystal clear beaches.

Beyond the sun, sea, and sand, Krabi has a lot more to offer to its visitors.

Krabi is home to Koh Phi Phi

One of the most talked-about islands in the country (or maybe the world, thanks to the famous movie “The Beach” by Leonardo DiCaprio), May Bay is located in Phi Phi Island. It is only a 90-minute boat ride away from the mainland.

Krabi is home to Phi Phi Island, which is also famous for its wide selection of bars and restaurants, wild nightlife, and magnificent natural features. There are several beaches, top-class diving adventures, nature treks, and other activities for the early, adventurous birds. Bars, buckets, and beaches—what more could you ask for?

Krabi is cheaper

During peak season, from November until February, hotel prices in Krabi would only range from THB 5,000 to THB 6,000 compared to THB 10,000 when staying in Phuket. Food and transportation are also a lot cheaper.

So if you do not want to spend all your savings and go home broke, spend some days in Krabi instead. You will get the same beautiful serene, lovely beaches, and thrilling adventures at a lot less.

The activities

Whether it’s making new friends while on a cooking class, taking Instagram-worthy photos from a four-island tour, or going on adventures underwater from a diving excursion, Krabi offers various activities and tours to keep yourself busy all throughout your stay.

You can visit Thailand’s unseen places while in Krabi, such as Thale Waek, Khlong Thom Hot Spring Waterfall, Ta Pom Khlong Song Nam, and Thum Pee Hua To.

The food

Krabi’s famous delicacies are one of the reasons visitors keep coming back for more. The island is known for its fresh and authentic southern delights—the most delicious in the country. Savor the wonders of crispy roti, a favorite local snack served with sugar cane tea or milk tea. Wing shells are also so popular among tourists because of its sweet meat, which tastes even better when served with a spicy seafood dip. Bring home some chili shrimp paste and Tao Sor—friends and family back home will definitely enjoy them.

More than the sea

Southern Thailand is a place thriving with magnificent natural wonders for everyone to enjoy.

Tiger Cave Temple – people visit this Buddhist temple not only to pay homage to Buddha but also to get a bird’s eye view of Krabi from 600 meters above sea level. Located about 9km from the city’s center, Tiger Cave Temple is a must-visit if you want to get that 10,000 daily steps faster—going up takes 1,237 steps.
75 Million-year-old Shell Cemetery – this rock formation landscape is a natural phenomenon. There are only two other locations where the same phenomenon occurred—Japan and the U.S. It is composed of sea fossils, making it known famously as the shell cemetery.

Why should you visit Krabi?

Beyond the tourist attractions and beaches, Krabi offers what many islands in Thailand don’t have—authenticity. Krabi’s nostalgic and laid-back feel will make your stay on the island memorable.

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