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5 Exciting Activities to Do in Krabi

Are you planning a trip to the beautiful Krabi, Thailand? Located in the south of Thailand, Krabi is a stunning place with a variety of activities among being lazy at its world-class beaches. From relaxing hot springs to heart-pumping mountain climbs, here are five exciting activities you can enjoy in Krabi.


1 – Enjoy a Swim at Emerald Pool

Locally known as Sra Morakot, the Emerald Pool is the perfect alternative if you want to swim anywhere other than a beach or a swimming pool. This beautiful and natural spring pool is located approximately 60 miles Krabi Town. It has gotten this name because of its vivid emerald color waters, clear and calm for the perfect swim. The Emerald Pool isn’t the only pool in its vicinity, as there are other pools around as well, including hot springs. This is a perfect place for any nature lover visiting Krabi.


2 – Take a Tour of Koh Phi Phi

Looking for a proper adventure? Take a day trip to Koh Phi Phi, an island reachable by a ferry from Krabi. If you want as much time as possible to explore the island, take the first ferry in the morning. The 90-minute boat ride will give you plenty of time to see Maya Bay, Pileh Bay, and many more. The best part is, you’ll be back just in time for dinner at Krabi. Although you may miss out on the fantastic nightlife Phi Phi has to offer, you can still enjoy Krabi’s beautiful beaches. If you want to stay longer, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank either.


3 – Trek Through Tub Kaek’s National Park

This stunning national park offers an all-in-one Krabi experience. With its relaxing beaches to insanely steep cliffs, you can see all of Krabi right here.  It’s most famous attraction is the Khao Ngon Nak Trail, known as Dragon Crest Mountain. It is a tough climb for anyone who takes on the challenge, but anyone who succeeds will be rewarded in full. Upon completing the trek, you will be greeted with beautiful vistas, spanning over the province. Cool off after the hike at Tub Kaek Beach located just nearby. If you’re hungry, a few bars and restaurants are also available. You can spend the whole day in Tub Kaek’s National Park.


4 – Kayak Among the Mangroves

Head west beyond Au Nang and Tub Kaek beach, and you will reach Ao Thalane. Although unlike Krabi that boasts beautiful beaches and crystal seas, this place offers a beautiful kayaking experience. Navigate through the mangroves and enjoy the wonders of nature along with its captivating wildlife. Ao Thalane is the perfect place for anyone who wants a break from all that is Krabi.


5 – Jump Between Islands

There are many islands in Krabi that you can visit, and thus it is common for anyone to hop around quite often. Tours are available to those who want to enjoy a guided adventure. Popular tours, such as Four Islands Tour, not only bring you around to several beautiful islands but even provide fun activities such as snorkeling. If you want to go on your own adventure though, you can rent a local longboat driver for the day.


Whatever you decide to do in Krabi, it is a guarantee you will have the time of your life. Enjoy your adventure and share it with all your friends on social media. Perhaps, they will want to come to Krabi too!


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