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Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach
Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

5 Reasons Why You Should Add Krabi to Your Travel Plan

If you’re looking for a great place to go for your getaway trip, Krabi, Thailand is the place you definitely don’t want to miss. With that said, here are five reasons why Krabi is the perfect destination for your next trip:


1. The Crystal Clear Water

Thailand has many amazing beach towns, but Krabi has got to be one of the best in the country, probably in the world. The water here is crystal clear, and the culture is so welcoming that you will feel like you’re being welcomed to a home that you’ve never been. There are many different little islands where you can visit to have and enjoy the afternoon all by yourself with nothing but the sun, fine sand, and beautiful emerald-colored sea.


2. So Many Places to Visit

No matter what type of trip you want to have, Krabi has it all. If you want to enjoy a nice and interesting walk, you can head down to Thale Waek, where the sea parts to review a small sandy walkway that leads you to many different islands. If you want to relax at a natural hot spring site, then the Khlong Thom Hot Spring is where you want to be. Or if you want to hike up the jungles and mountains to find a secret paradise in the middle of the woods, then Ta Pom Khlong Song Nam National Park is the best place to go. You will never be bored when you’re here, and that’s a promise!


3. Amazing Landscape

If you’re looking to enjoy unique landscape and interesting natural sights you, Krabi has more than enough to offer. For those who are looking to enjoy an amazing adventure into the cave with a rich history, the Tiger Cave and its Buddhist temple is where you want to be. If you’re interested in checking out an unusual archeological site, the Susan Hoi, or Shell Cemetary is the graveyard to countless prehistoric shells and clams. Lastly, how could we forget the legendary Phi Phi archipelago, the islands are world-renowned for its wonderful landscape, crystal clear water, as well as the surrounding sea, teeming with aquatic life. It’s enough to come here and enjoy the scenery, but the best part about Krabi is that it has so much more to offer.


4. World-Class Foods

We shouldn’t need to mention how great Thai food is, as practically everybody in the world knows about it. If you think the food in Bangkok is great, wait until you taste the freshest seafood bought right off the fisherman’s boats! You can enjoy everything from Lobsters, Crabs, and Fish, to Oysters, cooked by amazing chefs who have been perfecting their crafts for years and years. Just one sip of the Tom Yum Goong here can revolutionize your thoughts on food forever!


5. Welcoming People and Culture

If the natural sites and amazing dishes haven’t caught your attention, then the amazing culture here will. Thai people are known for their smiles and hospitality, especially in the south of Thailand. The relaxed and laidback lifestyle is ingrained in the very fabric of the culture here, and you’ll be hard-pressed to find a group of people that are more welcoming to tourists and foreigners than the local Krabi People. Plus, if you enjoy the nightlife, Krabi has several interesting clubs and bars that you should stop by. Not bad for a small seaside town, huh?


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