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5 Tips to Make Your Beach Date a Successful One

Have you ever tried a beach date? If not, you definitely should! A beach date is filled with excitement and fun and gives the two of you plenty of opportunities to grow closer. Unfortunately, just like any other date, whether in a restaurant or at the movies, if your beach date isn’t planned out properly, it is going to end in ruins.

If you’re interested in holding your next date on the beach, here are five tips to make sure everything goes smoothly.


1. Set up an umbrella

Yes, the beach can get pretty hot, and with the lack of trees near the sand, you might be forced to find shade elsewhere. Fortunately, there is something you can do. Bring a canopy or an umbrella for protection. You’ll be extremely pleased being able to lie down on the beach without having to deal with the glare and heat of the sun. You’ll be glad to know, as well, that you won’t be all sweaty when you’re trying to kiss your significant other (SO).


2. Don’t forget the sunscreen

Although this may sound like a no-brainer, many people find themselves thinking the sun won’t hurt them. Well, you know what happens next. Play it safe, and always remind yourself to bring sunscreen. The last thing you want to happen during a beach date is to have the mood ruined by a burning back. Save your body and your date; don’t forget the sunscreen.


3. Bring stuff to play with

You know how the day starts with everyone excited to go to the beach and play in the sands and seas, only to find themselves extremely bored after a few hours? Yeah, don’t let that happen to your beach date. Bring toys, such as volleyball or a board game. That way, not only do you keep up the levels of fun, but these games also allow you to interact with your SO, meaning you’re building your relationship.


4. Use containers for storing food

What’s the last thing you want to find in your food when you attempt to eat on the beach? The same thing that covers the beach, and that’s sand! They’re everywhere, and they can get anywhere, too—on your hair, face, and food! Because of this, if you’re planning to pack lunch and bring it to the beach, store them safely in containers to protect them not only from the sand but also from other critters that might be lurking around.


5. Protect your valuable belongings

Nothing can ruin a romantic beach date faster than finding your electronics broken thanks to the water or, worse, stolen by someone. With that in mind, make sure that your electronics and valuables are stored in waterproof bags with locks. Better yet, try not to bring your valuables at all. If you’ve brought your car, you can also leave your expensive items there.

In conclusion, planning and being prepared is essential to a successful beach date. By following the tips we’ve given you, you can prepare for what’s to come, allowing for a greater and smoother beach date experience to achieve that ultimate goal of growing closer to your SO. All the best with your beach date, and have fun!

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