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7 Fun Ball and Balloon Games for Kids When Visiting Krabi

A beach trip is always a great way to bond with the whole family. The fresh air, sunshine, warm sand, and cool water provide endless opportunities for fun and exciting activities that you can enjoy together! Aside from swimming in the ocean, your kids would love playing by the shore. Take advantage of nature and let your little ones enjoy being out and free!

If you’re planning to take a family vacation in Krabi, Thailand, below are some fun balloon, and beach ball games your kids can try. Play them as a family and create lasting happy memories!


1.Don’t drop the balloon!

This is a classic balloon party game typically played indoors. On the beach, you can also use a light beach ball. There is only one rule to this simple game: don’t let the balloon drop to the floor! Challenge your little ones to keep the balloon afloat by using anything—their hands, feet, heads, shoulders, or even elbows. For a more difficult, do-or-die version, you can have kids assume a crab walk position, with their hands and feet on the floor while their bellies are facing up. They can only use their feet to kick the balloon upwards.


2.Balloon smash

Have your kids smash as many balloons as they can, and the player who pops the most balloons wins the game! Of course, don’t use beach balls in this game. As a precaution, keep in mind that balloon scraps are a choking hazard for toddlers. Because of this, be sure to pick up all the litter after a fun and tiring game!


3.Balloon parachute

This is a game that is perfect for a large group. Grab lots of balloons and a lightweight picnic blanket to use as a parachute. Go under and have a blast bouncing the balloons as you tug with the blanket. If only two or three kids are playing, use a large beach towel instead. Alternatively, you can group kids into pairs and see which team can bounce the ball or balloon the longest.


4.Beach volleyball

Your kids don’t need to be pros to play this classic sport. While in Krabi, let them play a beach ball or balloon variation! Pick up a twig and draw a line as a divider on the sand then have fun volleying the balloon back and forth!


5.Balloon tennis

As a variation to the traditional tennis, you can use plastic paddles instead of real rackets for this game. You can try making paddles by taping paper plates together and use twigs or coffee stirrers as handles. It’ll be a fun craft project as well!


6.Beach baseball

Bring pool noodles with you on your next beach trip to Krabi because they’re such versatile toys, and you can play many games using them! Try a beach version of baseball using the noodles as bats and balloons as the ball, or you can play racquetball along a makeshift obstacle course using leaves and twigs as tunnels and stacked-up picnic boxes as towers.


7.Chopstick challenge

For a fun challenge, you’ll need at least four kids divided into two teams and put balloons or small beach balls in a large picnic basket. The goal is for each team to get as many balloons as they can. The trick to this game is that each player can only hold one pool noodle. The kids will have to work as a pair, using the noodles like giant chopsticks to pick up the balls and move them into their basket.

The games you can play on the beach are limitless, and they don’t even have to cost anything. With simple objects, such as balloons and beach balls, your kids can have a wonderfully active time! Bluesotel Krabi is rated as one of the best hotels in Ao Nang, Krabi. Contact us today to book your stay!