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  • Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach
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Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach
Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

A Sailor’s Guide to Krabi

If you’re in Krabi to go island hopping, you are in for a great time. This island is one of the most beautiful places you could explore in Thailand. Aside from all the exotic islands and amazing temples to look into and explore in the southern part of the country, there are also many beautiful natural landscapes to see as you explore the scenic city close to the sea. You can also find great hidden beaches and dense forests in this exotic tropical climate. If you are hoping to island hop, kayaking is your best option while in Krabi. Here are our tips to kayaking around Krabi:



Kayaking is a great water sports experience. Krabi is surrounded by the ocean and by paddling a kayak, you can visit quite a number of isolated islands with great forests. Take a glimpse of some natural rock formations and limestone walls above water. It’s a place that you must visit and one that will provide you with a very specific kind of kayaking experience that will allow you to explore the vastness of the great seas around Thailand.


It’s all about timing

Like most of Thailand, Krabi has warm weather pretty much all year round. It is worth noting that April through May and September through October are the hottest times of the year. If you visit at any time during September through October, chances are that you will experience Thailand’s monsoon season. This season brings forth wet weather with heavy, warm rains. The combination of rain and heat is not the most pleasant, which is why most people prefer to visit during the cooler months. Anytime from November to March is ideal because it is not that humid and there is a cooler breeze.


Great places to kayak in Krabi

Exploring the amazing hidden islands of Krabi is a great adventure to go on. When you are kayaking, there are just a few places that you need to see. Thalane Bay is for you adventure junkies out there looking for a great natural escape to kayak in. If you’re looking for beautiful scenic surroundings and picture perfect images, this bay is a great place that offers the best kayaking experience in Krabi. There are tons of tours that you can go on for either half a day or a whole day, depending on your preferences. It’s a great place to watch the sunset on the crystal clear water.


Aside from being wonderful for kayaking, Krabi is a good place to go snorkeling if you are interested in swimming with underwater life. The forests surrounding the bay are home to monkeys, lizards, otters, and many species of birds. There are also some caves to check out. Crocodile cave, in particular, is sure to impress. Another great place to check out is Bor Thor Village. This exotic spot is known for its natural landscapes in amazing river routes which allow for some rare sightings. The best thing about this place is getting to experience cave kayaking. This village is surrounded by many caves have long been preserved from ancient times. Here, you can find cave paintings dating back to 1000 years. There are many cave tunnels and views of great limestone rock formations to revel in. This place also has abundant wildlife in its thick forests.


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