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Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach
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A Shopper’s Guide to Ao Nang

Best known for its cozy, laidback feel, Ao Nang holds a distinct contrast in comparison to the intense and diverse atmospheres of Bangkok or Phuket. However, if you decide to go shopping in the area, chances are that you’ll probably run into many knockoffs in the form of copied t-shirts, fake Rolexes, and low-quality Levis (which can be spelled as “Leives” at times) if you don’t know where to look.


For more obvious reasons, counterfeit goods and fake items are a must-avoid for anybody that comes from a country that has strict regulations on these particular purchases. However, keep in mind that not every great store in Ao Nang is filled with counterfeit products.


What’s it like to shop in Ao Nang?

Shopping in Ao Nang is all about the thrill of the chase, making the entire process of finding smart purchases in the area a sort of scavenger hunt. However, when buying in the area, it’s best to remember that you can always haggle with whatever store you walk into, as most shop owners will actively check how much you can afford in their store. The secret to securing a bargain is to show your knowledge of how much an item is worth.


Stores to watch out for

Curious as to where you can test out your shopping and haggling skills while making the most out of your luck? Pay a visit to these popular stores around the Ao Nang area:


1. Amanya

If you’ve seen silk products sparingly across different types of occasions all of your life, then chances are that you’d probably be overwhelmed with Amanya’s seemingly-overflowing stock of silk goods. With an appearance that’s similar to that of a store that royals can enter, the products that Amanya offers are as luxurious as how the storefront looks. A trip to Amanya is perfect if you’re looking for something that you can bring back home and marvel at every time you see it in your living room.


As a complementary factor to the store’s awe-inspiring luxury feel, Amanya’s owner, Khun Oranut greets and assists store visitors with a charming smile and impeccable customer service— what more could you possibly expect from a store like this?


2. Ao Nang’s Tattoo Studios

Are you looking for an unforgettable souvenir from Ao Nang? Chances are that nothing would probably be better or more memorable than a skilfully crafted piece on your skin that can last for a lifetime. In Ao Nang, the local tattoo scene stands out among all other tourist attractions. With a wide range of tattoo styles, prices, and skillsets to choose from, Ao Nang houses a dozen studios that each have their unique characteristics and specialties. The longest-running tattoo studios in the area are Cool Point Tattoo Club, Tattoo de Café, Ink Me Tattoo, Family Tattoo, Tattoo Studio by  N.L, The King Tattoo, and Popeye Tattoo. A significant part of the Ao Nang tattoo scene is that all of the artists are skilled in both hand-poking and electric machine styles, making it perfect for anyone who needs variety in their body ink. Make sure to book your sessions in advance, as most of the tattoo studios may be too packed to get a walk-in session.


3. Ao Nang Walking Street

If you have traveled to Thailand in hopes of finding a night market that lives up to the expectations set by tourists around the world, then you’ll find one that’s up to par in the heart of Ao Nang. Don’t let the name fool you; Ao Nang Walking street is home to the area’s greatest weekly market fair that’s comprised of anything and everything that you’d want to splurge on, from trendy clothes to unforgettable bites of food.


4. Beautiful Optic

Whether you’re looking for a striking pair of shades to wear to the beach or in dire need of a replacement for your prescription glasses, you’ll find a perfect option at any price in Beautiful Optic. As one of the most prominent opticians in the area, the Beautiful Optic hosts a variety of high-quality options from which you can choose. Thankfully, computerized eye testing is free even if you won’t be able to drop cash right away. Additionally, you’ll also be able to find a major bargain with different “two for one” offers!


5. Chock Dee Handmade

If you’re looking for unique pieces of jewelry in Ao Nang, then chock dee! (which means good luck, in Thai). Aside from being a saying that you use to express joy in a great find, Chock Dee is a treasure chest in the middle of Ao Nang that’s best known for its beautiful jewelry, old bead, precious stone, ring, and necklace selections. Thanks to even greater luck, there are two branches along Beach Road, which means that you’ll be able to haggle better back and forth between both branches. However, don’t let the high quality of the products hinder you from haggling a bit to get a better price!


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