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Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach
Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

A Solo Travel to Krabi – What to Know

Traveling alone can be very exciting for the brave, adventurous people. However, safety is a priority, and one should never put themselves in unnecessary harm. For those traveling in Krabi or anywhere else in Thailand, they can rest easy knowing that the country is generally a very safe place to be, even for lone females.


However, no site is free from danger, and this is especially true for late-night bars.


Here are some tips to make your trip fun and safe at the same time.


Only drink bottled items opened in front of you.


Avoid drinks served up in glasses or sometimes, buckets. This will significantly reduce the risk of having the drink spiked, which is, unfortunately, prevalent.



Avoid drinking “Thai Tequila.”


A type of rice alcohol known as “Lao Khao,” will hit you before you realize. If you do not have anyone to help carry you back to your room, try your best to avoid this drink. Also, try not to get too drunk to the point where you cannot care for yourself. Do not drink and drive either. You will never know what the surrounding people might do to you.



Dress modestly.


Westerners tend to be labeled as promiscuous. For females, dressing modestly can help reduce unwanted attention. Again, if you do want the attention, continue to be careful. For males, being out late at night is a one-way ticket to getting attention, landing you a nasty surprise.



Attend to your valuable items.


Keep your phone, money, and other precious things safe with you. Leaving any valuables in the open is asking for trouble. Also, you will not have to worry about street crime either. It is irregular for one to occur in Thailand, especially in Krabi, where the locals are friendly and are even willing to chat with you if you wish.



Choose a suitable place to stay.  


If your preferred location is away from the sea, the central parts of Ao Nang have great choices. If you, however, want to relax at the beach or even do some climbing, then Ton Sai Beach and Railay are great places as well. When renting a room, make sure you know the charges you are paying. Most hotels charge per room, not per person. Only a few places allow for bargaining. If you don’t mind accommodating with other people, several hostels are also available both in Krabi Town and Ao Nang.



Book an organized tour.


If you want to save money, your best bet is to book an organized tour. This is very useful, especially when traveling to islands where private charter can be very costly. If you want to explore inland, there still are organized tours readily available, although you have the choice of renting a bike or car for you to get around quickly and comfortably. If you do not know the area, free maps are obtainable in most hotels and booking services.


Let your trip be a memorable one, but not for the wrong reasons. Take the necessary precautions. This ensures that you will have maximum enjoyment while staying safe and secure. Happy traveling!


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