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How to Convince Your Partner for a Trip to Krabi

Ever hopped onto social media and find your self in awe at all the beautiful beach travel photos? A visit to a beach is desirable for many couples because it not only provides a beautiful experience but also creates a stronger bond between them.


With sun, sand, and sea, intense feelings of romanticism surround a couple. However, even though it may be enticing to some, not all are interested. Your loved one may disagree with your plans, or maybe also feel burdened by all the preparations needed to be done.


It is normal to be concerned or worried about an upcoming journey, but if you miss it, you let go of an opportunity for a beautiful experience together. Are you currently facing this same dilemma? Here are ways to convince your partner to head out to the beach:


Address Your Significant Other’s Interests

Make sure you listen to what your partner wants for the trip. Failure to allow them to contribute may cause them to feel like they’re not part of the journey. Ask them what they would want to do at the beach before sharing your ideas. If your loved one loves food, plan out a visit to a beautiful restaurant along the way. You don’t have to make a solid plan in the beginning, but always adapt along the way and be creative! If something pops up and your partner is interested, take the time to do it.


Make Known the Health Benefits

Tell your partner all the excellent health benefits the body will receive when visiting the beach. Talk about how exposure to the sun provides your body with vitamin D to build stronger, smoother skins, and a sharper mind. Also, make sure to talk about putting on sunblock in case one of you decides to go out there without applying any. Other benefits of going to the beach include curing acne, exfoliating skin, improving joints, improving metabolism, and relieving depression. Not only will a visit to the beach be fun for both of you, but healthy at the same time.


Share your Travel Stories

Chances are, your partner may be reluctant to join you because they aren’t motivated. Some have good reasons, like travel anxiety, but others are not bothered by the idea. In some cases, they don’t want to leave their daily routines. A great way to interest your partner is to share beautiful stories and experiences. Search on social media and look for all the beautiful beach photos. Travel blogs and books about traveling can also give your partner a sense that you both can achieve it. If you need more convincing, visit YouTube for videos on other people’s beach experience.


Plan Ahead of Time

Planning on the spot may be exciting for some, but to truly create the best experience, you have to plan. If you’re rushing to prepare for your travel, your partner will only become stressed out and ruin the trip. Plan your adventure together and ahead of time. This will allow your loved one to be convinced that the vacation will be an absolute blast! Planning ahead can also land you great hotel and airfare deals. Because you’ve planned ahead, stress is kept to a minimum, and both of you will feel at peace.


Share Your Plans

When both of you can contribute to the trip, it makes it that much more enjoyable. To lift the burden of deciding what activities to do, take turns deciding. It may be tempting to hold full control over the trip to make it perfect, but you need to let your partner contribute as well. Remember, compromise shows a healthy relationship. You will be thankful because you will create memorable moments you and your partner will never forget


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