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Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach
Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

How to Visit the Stunning Off-Beat Destinations in Krabi

Being a regular visitor to Krabi will excite you to seek new places to visit, not including the overdeveloped Ao Nang strip. Fortunately, there are several places to stay or visit in Krabi that tourists don’t visit frequently. You can also plan trips using organized tour schedules and see these destinations before the influx of tourists arrive or leave.


Stay in isolation

More isolated places in Krabi include Ao Thalane and Tubkaek Beach, which are both attractive destinations with high-end hotels and boutique-style villas. While in Ao Thalane, you can visit the hidden Laem Jamuk Khwai Beach by boat or kayak and enjoy lunch at Khao Tong Terrace. However, don’t expect much in the shops and restaurants outside the hotels because of the limited choices.


Private five-star beachfront accommodations like Amatapura Villas and Shellsea are located at Ao Nam Tho. Meanwhile, other hidden accommodations include Phanom Bencha Mountain Resort, Islanda Hideaway Resort, and Sawan Mountain Villas. However, these places do not provide a homestay-like experience. If that’s what you’re searching for, you can stay with a host family because they’re hard to find and rarely stay open for long. Krabi Town is instead the best option for homestays, even though it’s not secluded.


If you’re staying in town, there are still fewer tourists to deal with, and the locals will give you a glimpse of their way of life. You can take a break by visiting bakeries or coffee shops with fantastic options at affordable prices.


Avoid the crowd

You can avoid the crowd of tourists by traveling either very early or late in the day. Likewise, hiring a motorbike or a car is the best way to visit off-beat Krabi destinations, and you can explore the back roads to find eateries along the way. These routes will lead you to swimming holes, caves, and vast pineapple plantations. The friendly locals make Krabi a safe place to visit, and there’s an adventure waiting for you in each location.


Where to go in Krabi

Aside from Tubkaek and Ao Thalane, try the Ngon Nak trail to enjoy endless picturesque views along its four-to-six hour round trip route. Meanwhile, the Ao Luk area is a haven for spelunkers and karst landscape enthusiasts. Likewise, the road from Ao Nam Mao to Laem Pho leads you to a marine conservation center, a deserted beach, and the Krabi Fun Park. You can purchase supplies at the Nong Thaleh market and join kayaking tours at a nearby lake.


From Krabi Town, you can visit the market before heading to the riverside and taking a boat tour to the Kanab Nam caves. It’s better to join organized excursions to this place for convenience and if you want to meet other tourists. Buddha figures at Sra Kaew Cave is another fantastic alternative from the jungles and beaches surrounding Krabi.


Your home in Krabi

After visiting Krabi’s off-beat destinations, stay at the Bluesotel Krabi in Ao Nang to enjoy their fabulous and relaxing rooms. You can also enjoy sumptuous meals at the Blue Jazz Restaurant and refreshing cocktail drinks at Twin Palm Bar. Recharge for the coming day by getting a massage at Blue Orchid Spa or get your caffeine boost from Cafe de Blue. Bluesotel Krabi is rated as one of the best hotels in Ao Nang. If you’re looking for a hotel near the beach in Krabi in which to stay, get in touch with us today!