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The Benefits of Luxury Personalized Vacations in Krabi

Gone are the days of having your vacation and itinerary being handled by a travel agent. Today, it is all about customized leisure experiences. Vacationers nowadays are more adventurous than ever before.

They all want to have high-end getaways that allow them to do whatever they want, and at their leisure. This article will expand on why 2019 is the year of customized vacations.

Millennial Mindsets

Luxury is not only defined by material items, but it is also defined by rich cultural experiences one gets from their travel. This notion especially rings true for millennials who perceive travel and leisure as a luxury experience. These millennials are living the lifestyle that was seen as extravagant back in the old days.

The old ideas of saving up money for retirement no longer applies in this generation – at least not as much as it used to. Millennials are traveling more frequently than ever, going on excursions to foreign destinations, such as Phuket, Krabi, and Bali, holding the mindset of “living life to the fullest” and “living in the moment.”


High-End Facilities and Service

Today, mediocre vacations no longer make the cut. Instead, high-quality facilities and services are all the rage. Luxury villas that allow vacationers to experience the concept of “home away from home” have become high in demand. With impeccable services and facilities, your stay will be an experience that you can cherish forever.

An All-in-One Stay

Anyone going on vacation knows that it is a precious moment, which is why many travelers intend to make the most out of their one stay. It is the time of relaxation and self-nourishment while also having the opportunity to explore the destination and be adventurous at the same time. A private villa allows you to relax, eat good food, go on thrilling excursions, take pleasure in spa treatments, enjoy some cocktails, and watch a movie in a private cinema all in one stay.

Whether you are going on a vacation for a romantic getaway, a quality time with family, or simply a relaxing time without any distractions, you can choose the type of accommodation that suits your need.

Emphasis on Individuality

This year is the time to embrace your individuality. Instead of trying to go along with others’ vision of a holiday, design your vacation that fits with your own needs, style, and preference. In other words, you can create your own vacation experience without conforming to anyone’s definition of what a holiday is. For the best leisure experience, know what you want from your vacation and go for it!

A Peaceful Sanctuary

A villa stay is a haven that allows you to leave the hectic city life behind for a moment. You will finally get to experience the peace and quiet that you have been craving for. At a private villa, you can have an individual spa treatment, a chef to cook gourmet dinner for you, and a butler to assist you with everything that you need. In short, a luxury private villa can be your sanctuary to recharge your batteries before you have to go back to reality.

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