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Snorkeling Places in Krabi That Are Most Visits in 2019

If you are looking for a place with stunning scenery in which to relax, Krabi is the perfect vacation destination for you. This mesmerizing island is located in the South of Thailand. With gorgeous white-sand beaches and picturesque limestone cliffs, many travellers have marked this island as a must-visit on their bucket lists.

There are a great number of activities waiting for you to enjoy. Out of all the others, however, snorkelling is the one that we most recommend. One thing to remember is that although Thailand rarely gets cold, it rains almost every day during the wet season. Therefore, to get the most out of the experience, it’s best to visit Krabi anytime from November to March if you want to snorkel as this is the time when the humidity and the rain is at its lowest.

The reasons why you should snorkel in Krabi is its astonishing coral reefs that are rare to find anywhere else. If you don’t know where to go to experience this, here are the snorkelling places in Krabi that you have to visit once in your life:


Phi Phi Islands

It is impossible to look over Phi Phi Islands when we talk about Krabi. These islands have been famous among travellers around the world. Many Hollywood films have been shot at this well-known island, including The Beach, starring Leonardo Dicaprio. Phi Phi is on the Andaman Sea and is situated between the Phuket island and the West Strait of Malacca.

You will be surrounded by rocky cliffs, the natural forest, and gleaming turquoise sea water. To explore the coral reefs and marine life, you will have to book a boat ride to take you to the best snorkelling spots, far from human inhabitants. Once you are in the water with your snorkel gear ready, you will witness the awe-inspiring underwater world that you have never ever seen anywhere else before.

At Lohsmaha Bay, you will get the opportunity to swim with various types of colourful fishes and coral formations. If you want to go open-sea snorkelling, Hin Klang is the place for you with the magical glittering sea waves. Ao Maya and Ao Lo Sama are also the destinations that have the amazing coral gardens and reef fishes swimming from one to another. If you are lucky, a leopard shark might even come out for a show!

During your Phi Phi snorkelling trip, you may go a little further from Phi Phi to Bambook Island for more snorkelling. This remote flat island is not as crowded, so the beach is surrounded by complete white sand and remarkable reefs.


Hong Island

Hong Island is also known as the Koh Hong Group. This is because it consists of four islands. They are situated off the coast of Krabi, which make them the perfect place for snorkelling. As people say that the islands in Koh Hong Group are the most fascinating islands of the region, you must visit them at least once in your lifetime.

To travel here, take a long-tail boat from Krabi for a more than reasonable price. On high tides days, you can explore the Hong Lagoon by taking a boat. However, if the tide is low, you will have to kayak your way in.

Ko Daeng and Paradise Island are also snorkelling spots that allow you to swim around in open water. When you come back from your swimming adventure, don’t forget to take a moment to enjoy the soft, sandy beaches and the shallow coral reefs around the island.


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