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The Benefits of Having an Eight-Day Vacation to Krabi

Everyone needs a vacation at some point in their lives to get away from every day worries. They need to kick back and relax, reminding themselves that there is so much more to do in life than sitting down in an office, completing paperwork. While some may opt for a day or two at the beach, we whole-heartedly recommend eight days of vacation. Here’s why:

It is supported by research
According to research, you start to feel an increase in happiness the moment you stop working. From that point on, these feelings will keep on increasing, peaking on the eighth day of your break. Then, it slowly starts to drop, and quite significantly on the eleventh day. However, why are eight days of vacation preferable?

Researchers believe that eight days is how long it takes for you to forget about work completely. Unfortunately, the same research also states that no matter how long your vacation is, all your happiness will fade away the moment you sit back in your office chair to resume your work.

Eight—the magic number
As previously mentioned, your holiday should range between seven to eleven days to achieve maximum satisfaction and happiness from your vacation. You should also evenly space your leaves throughout the year as opposed to having one long one. By having multiple holidays at the correct lengths, you will be presented with more opportunities to recharge and refresh yourself, ready for new challenges ahead.

Planning out the ideal vacation
With all that in mind, how are you going to plan the perfect vacation? Fret not! We have a few tips for you. First, make sure to plan out your vacation properly. If you have any activities you really want to do, make sure that you include them in your itinerary as well. To avoid rushing around, dedicate one day to traveling—going and coming back. Even if the actual travel is shorter than that, you give yourself a chance to rest up (also a day to rest when you arrive back home). Finally, try and hit at least eight days for a vacation!

The verdict
Unfortunately, the reality is that most people will only take off a maximum of one week. This means that they won’t have time to transition from work to play, then back to work properly. What makes it worse is that no matter how enjoyable the vacation is, your happiness levels drop right when your resume work. Because of this, many people are convinced that holidays are utterly pointless. However, are vacations really that pointless? We think not.

Even if you completely forget the fun you’ve had, it’s still worth the trip. Why? Because you actually benefit your well-being in the long run. People who take vacations tend to live longer, more satisfying lives, than those who are tucked away into their office space crunching numbers all day long.

To that end, you must really try your best to have an eight-day vacation. Remember—it isn’t just about the short-term fun you’ll have, but the long-term effects that will benefit your body. Learn to treat your body right and give it a chance to relax and recharge itself.

If you’re looking to fully maximize and enjoy your eight-day vacation from work, book your stay at the best resort in Ao Nang, the Bluesotel Krabi today!