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Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach
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The Best Local Restaurants in Krabi Town

When you travel abroad, one thing that you cannot forget to do is explore the local food. If you plan to go to Thailand, you cannot stay in the country without tasting as much of the food as possible. Sure, you may have tasted Thai food in your home country, but be aware that many restaurants tend to alter their flavor to their target audience.


This means you may not be able to enjoy the traditional Thai taste. When in Krabi, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit one of the local restaurants that sell delicious, authentic food. If you want to eat like the natives, here are the best local restaurants to try in Krabi Town:


Ma Ong


If you do not read Thai, it can be difficult to find Ma Ong. Since everything on their website is in Thai, don’t bother trying to look for directions. Simply go on Google Maps and type in Ma Ong. It should appear on the map right away. Not being able to find an English version of their site may seem rather inconvenient, but the truth is that it is excellent proof that this restaurant is really authentic. Once you get there, don’t be surprised at the fact that there are barely any tourists around. This place is popular among the locals, not the foreigners.


The most recommended dish at Ma Ong is Khao Mok Gai. This dish is composed of aromatic yellow rice with a big chicken drumstick on top. There is also a cup of soup and sauce to go along with the dish. Although you can find Khao Mok Gai in other provinces, we guarantee that Ma Ong brings the best flavors to the table. If you aren’t in the mood for this dish, there are plenty of other options on the menu.


Ko Suang


This restaurant is perfect for those who never know what to eat. With many options on the menu, there will always be something at Ko Suang to satisfy your tummy. Their food ranges from simple rice dishes to noodle soup. Many people order duck noodle soup. Their duck is tender and not smelly, and the broth is just flavorful.


The highlight of this restaurant is Khao Moo Daeng Moo Krob. It consists of rice, red pork, crispy pork, and thick sweet sauce on top. You might think that this recipe sounds simple and maybe even boring. However, the taste will leave you craving for more! Each ingredient compliments each other, creating a well-balanced dish.


Ruen Tip


If you want to eat at a bigger restaurant, Ruen Tip is the right choice. They have an extensive menu and live music in the background. Your eating experience here will not be boring. The atmosphere is traditional and cozy in the warm weather of Krabi Town. Not only will you get to enjoy their food, but you can also sing some karaoke for entertainment!




This restaurant is easy to spot as it is located right next to the main road. Once you enter Anchalee, you will be surprised at how different the environment is from the outside. The shop gives off a cozy, calm vibe as if it were disconnected from the busy road. The menu boasts various Thai main dishes as well as vegetarian options. Explore their menu and give a few interesting dishes a try!


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