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A Traveling Guide to Krabi For Muslims

If you are a Muslim traveler, you might worry about visiting other foreign countries where people with Islamic faith are minorities as they might not have a good understanding of your specific needs. That is not the case with Krabi, Thailand. The region is considered to be one of the most popular destinations for Muslim travelers.

That is because the Andaman coast villages originally consisted of an all-Moslem population. Of course, those areas are now more diverse and are occupied by Buddhists, Chinese-Thais, and expats of all races. Also, unlike Phuket and Pattaya that are more catered toward those with raunchy lifestyle, Krabi is definitely more family-friendly. This makes Krabi one of the best places for a family holiday. Apart from that, the Muslim community is very predominant in Krabi, making the city perfect for Muslim travelers.

Even though there are many Muslim locals, they are known to be very open and tolerant toward tourists with different beliefs and lifestyles. For example, they are comfortable with tourists who consume alcohol as well as beachgoers in bikinis. One reason for that is because their source of income mostly originates from these Western tourists.

If you’re a Muslim wanting to travel to Krabi, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. This article will outline some important points to make your visit to Krabi that much more pleasant.


Halal Food in Krabi

One of the most crucial things that every Muslim has to think about before traveling is the food. In other words, you should be concerned about finding Halal food at the destination that you’re going to. In Krabi, you will find a wide range of Halal food options in Ao Nang and throughout the city. There are vendor stalls along the street as well as some upper-class restaurants. Whether you want to go for street food or a nice dinner at a restaurant, you can rest assured that there will be Halal options for you in Krabi.


Halal Certification

Other than hotels, there are not that many restaurants that possess official Halal certification. However, if you go to a Muslim-owned restaurant, you can be confident that the food there is Halal. Bear in mind that some Muslim restaurants still serve alcohol as there are many tourists on the premises. If you are strict about only going to restaurants with Halal certification, you can find an official list of accredited restaurants published by the Halal Standard Institute of Thailand. That being said, you should still keep an eye out for restaurants on the list that serve alcohol or pork.


Muslim-Friendly Hotels in Krabi

Almost every hotel in Krabi has a comprehensive knowledge regarding Islamic practices. This means that, not only will there be Halal food available at your hotel, but the reception staff will also be able to provide you with information on Qiblah direction and prayer timings, as well as where to find the mosques. They are also always available to answer your concerns and questions if you have some. Moreover, these hotels often have Muslim-friendly amenities such as a bidet for performing Wudu as well.

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