Want to Enjoy Krabi Without the Crowd Follow These Tips!
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Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach
Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

Want to Enjoy Krabi Without the Crowd Follow These Tips!

You’ve undoubtedly heard of Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Ko Samui—all of which are popular destinations in Thailand. However, have you heard of the province of Krabi? If Phi Phi Islands and Railay Beach ring a bell, then you’re off to a good start.

Krabi province is located on Thailand’s southern west coast. It is characterized by its magnificent limestone cliffs, a multitude of offshore islands, and dense mangrove forests. Among the most popular destinations in Krabi are, as mentioned above, the Phi Phi Islands and Railay Beach. If you want to go from one Thailand seaboard to another, then you should definitely organize a trip to Krabi!


Krabi isn’t known for beach parties, but rather, is dubbed as the most relaxing spot in Thailand. It offers stunning scenery and a long stretch of beautiful white beaches. Add to that a rich jungle and at least 200 offshore islands.

Because of its beauty, Krabi is becoming more and more popular among tourists. If you’re the type of traveler who hopes to escape tourist crowds, these tips might help!


Carefully and Thoroughly Plan Ahead

If you’re going to Krabi during the peak season, which is between November and April, you can’t do so much in terms of avoiding the influx of tourists like you. November until April of the following year is great months because there are fewerchances of rain. However, you might also want to consider the other months. You’d be surprised the rainy season is, most of the time, not so bad after all as often perceived. As with any other tropical country, the weather can be unpredictable, and this is true for the entire year.

When you visit Krabi during off-peak months, you might be lucky enough to enjoy sunny days in the rainy season. Even if it does rain, it will still be worth it, as the beaches and restaurants will be filled with fewer people, for one. Airfare and accommodation rates are cheaper too!


Timing is Key

Aside from timing your arrival right, you should also plan your itinerary well. The best time in the day to visit the attractions may vary. For instance, if you want to check out the Emerald Pool, it’s best to visit during the day on a weekday when the locals are at work or school. More famous attractions such as the Maya Bay, on the other hand, are best visited early in the morning. If possible, be there before the sun rises. This lets you enjoy the sunrise without the usual crowd.


Go Off the Beaten Path

Obviously, the more popular an attraction is, the more people visit it. Places like Ao Nang Beach and Maya Bay, for instance, are popular places in the province. So, you can expect tourists to flock here. If you’re visiting during the peak season and would like to enjoy some peace, consider going to less visited sites. Tub Kaek, for one, is a beach that offers beauty comparable to Maya Bay. The same goes for restaurants and shops.

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