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Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach
Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

A Traveling Guide to Krabi For Muslims

February 28, 2019

If you are a Muslim traveler, you might worry about visiting other foreign countries where people with Islamic faith are minorities as they might not have a good understanding of your specific needs. That is not the case with Krabi, Thailand. The region is considered to be one of the most popular destinations for Muslim travelers.

Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

Bluesotel Krabi – Fun Activities For Night Owls in Krabi

February 21, 2019

Whether you’re still trying to beat the time zone, love sleeping in, or are just more awake at night, there are quite a few things that you can do in Krabi, even after hours. No matter what your hobbies are, there is bound to be something that you can enjoy as an evening dweller.

Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

Bluesotel Krabi – Sights and Attractions in Ao Nang – Our Guide

February 13, 2019

Ao Nang is a beautiful resort town in Southern Krabi with plenty of fun things to see and do. There are many fun activities that any group of people can enjoy whether you're with your family, with friends, or going solo...

Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

Bluesotel Krabi – Seeing Krabi – A Beginner’s Guide

February 8, 2019

Thailand is one of the most popular locations in Southeast Asia, perhaps even in the world. Of all the places in Thailand, Krabi is known to be one of the places that tourists love most.

Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

Bluesotel Krabi – 5 Non-Touristy Traveling Ideas in Krabi, Thailand

February 6, 2019

When you’re traveling abroad, you want to make sure you see as much of what the country has to offer as you can. Sure, you could visit all the touristy places, but is it really the best use of your time? Hitting the hot tourist spots is not always the best way to travel, as you will be missing out on a ton of opportunities to truly explore that country and see it through the eyes of the locals. Whenever people come to Krabi, Thailand, they can only usually think about the same places - Koh Phi Phi, Koh Lanta, and some other rock climbing sites...

Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

5 Reasons Why You Should Add Krabi to Your Travel Plan

January 28, 2019

If you’re looking for a great place to go for your getaway trip, Krabi, Thailand is the place you definitely don’t want to miss. With that said, here are five reasons why Krabi is the perfect destination for your next trip.

Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

Bluesotel Krabi – Sightseeing in Krabi – Where to Go

January 24, 2019

Krabi is a beach province in the South of Thailand. There are so many beautiful sights to see and many activities to enjoy in this fascinating area. Here are some ideas for you if you are planning to visit Krabi. Whether you want a leisurely, relaxing time or an adventurous, exciting experience, there are activities of every style for everyone! With markets, great food, beautiful scenery and exciting nightlife, there is something for everyone of any age group to enjoy.

Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

Bluesotel Krabi – 5 Things to Include in Your Trip to Krabi, Thailand

January 11, 2019

Krabi has a ton of great things to offer tourists from all over the world. From serene sandy beaches and exciting activities to welcoming culture, no matter what you’re looking to do, Krabi has it. If you’re planning to visit this amazing province, but you aren’t sure what to do while you’re there yet, here are the top five things that you must include in your plan:

Bluesotel Krabi Aonang Beach

Bluesotel Hotel – 5 Places You Must Visit in Krabi

January 11, 2019

Krabi has a lot to offer. The province is known for its amazing beaches, fresh seafood, and wonderful culture. If you're looking for the perfect summer getaway destination, we can say with confidence that Krabi should be on the top of everybody's list. You can find an endless supply of exciting activities like open water kayaking, scuba diving, kiteboarding, and other extreme sports that every adrenaline junkie will love.